Baolau is the leading travel search engine in Asia.

Our mission is to interconnect cities, compare travel routes and facilitate ticket booking for any means of transportation: flights, trains, buses and ferries.

For this purpose, we cooperate with transport providers to aggregate thousands of routes, list schedules and prices, and connect with the reservation systems.

We make travel easy by integrating all the transportation in one place.

How it works?

Users can search in our website how to travel between two cities and find all the flights, trains, buses and ferries available. We filter and compare the results, so users can select the most convenient option according to their needs.

We support multiple payment methods through secure payment gateways.

  •     International credit or debit cards
  •     QR code payments and e-wallets for selected territories
  •     Instant bank transfers for selected currencies

Ticket booking is processed easily in minutes from any laptop or mobile phone.

Once the reservation is confirmed, customers receive the itinerary and the e-tickets by email.

The electronic tickets are valid for boarding or can be used to collect the boarding pass at the airport, train station, bus terminal or port of departure.

Passengers can print a copy of the e-ticket in advance or carry it in their mobile phone.

Ready to travel and book as you go.


Travel search

Our travel search engine calculates routes from A to B aggregating hundreds of results from flight, train, bus and ferry providers.

Thanks to our technology, you can find the cheapest or fastest route as well as non-direct routes combining different transport companies with the optimal transit.

Would you like to try it for yourself?

Chiang Mai

We assist you with your travel planning by interconnecting the major cities, towns and points of interest in Asia. Our coverage includes more than 10 countries and continues expanding.

  •     East Asia: Japan
  •     Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, ...


We integrate flights, trains, buses and ferries. All in one place.

  •     Over 100 airlines and 400 airports
  •     Over 10 railway operators and 800 train stations
  •     Over 150 bus companies and 600 bus stations
  •     Over 20 ferry companies and 50 ports



Our founders

Alberto Moreno


Japan, Vietnam

Miguel García



Our advisors

Enrique Perez

Information Technology Sector

China, Vietnam

Daniel Lobera

Communication Technology Sector

Hong Kong, Singapore

Alessandro Macis

Logistics Sector

Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand

Marcelo García

FinTech, Investment Sector


Juan Fernández-Cuervo

Trade & Development, Public Sector

Philippines, Vietnam

Fernando Picazo

Travel & Tourism Sector


David Rodriguez

Travel & Tourism Sector


Pol Comaposada

Travel & Tourism Sector


Our investors

DesignOne Japan

Internet Media company (TYO:6048)

Yoitabi Travel

Travel Agency specialized in Japan

Mundo Nomada Travel

Travel Agency specialized in Thailand


Our past

A revolutionary idea emerges while travelling by train across Japan from East to West in the summer of 2011.

Two information technology graduates from Spain meet in Asia in 2013 and decide to put together their knowledge and passion to build a multi-transport travel search engine to interconnect the Mekong Region.

The project starts in Vietnam and the mission takes the two co-founders on a journey through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore... and back to Japan, closing the circle.

Wondering where the name Baolau comes from? Read our story and find out.

Our present

We are travellers building a booking platform for travellers.

Over the years we have earned recommendations in the best independent travel guides in Asia published by Lonely Planet, DK Eyewitness, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, DuMont Reise-Handbuch, Le Routard, Enjoy 세계여행 시리즈, 邂逅純樸新派之美 Easy GO, ...

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Read about us when you plan your next trip in Asia.

Our future

We are actively looking for investment to continue with our process of internationalization.

We invite individual and corporate investors to help us take Baolau to the next level.

If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected]